Thursday, November 5, 2009

Favourite memories of Iowa City

Eating caramel pecan rolls and drinking coffee with my landlady Pam on the porch at the College Green House in warmer days.

The view of Fall colours from my window looking over the College Green.

The Ramona Punzel felt doll that Alice made for me one day when I was sad. It comes complete with brown Kathy hair, incredibly long blonde Ramona Punzel hair, and copies of my books Muffin Magic and A Hairy Tale, even to the extent of having bites out of the corners to represent the Kiwi Bites series. This is SERIOUSLY COOL.

Reading questions and comments from students which made me realise they like my writing, especially the Jack character in my Sausage Sizzle excerpt. Let me say that again. They LIKED my writing. Wahoo!!!!!

Everything about the Mountain West trip. I can't get the view from Angel's Landing in Zion National Park out of my head.

Winning at the pool hall.

White chocolate mocha with whipped cream at The Java House.

Making the video Yr Ymylon.

Joe saying 'You two are SO much in trouble.'

Learning the moves in the barn dance at the Johnson County Senior Centre.

All of the music - from Deer Tick and Corndawg, to Fflur Dafydd, and the blues and folk bands.

Dancing like a lunatic everywhere I could ....

Dressing up as Morticia for Halloween and seeing everyone else get excited about their costumes.

Writing and giggling over my Cane Toads and Underpants panel presentation.

Writing a poem for the CityDance Ensemble.

Performing in my own reader's theater script Little Green Riding Hood and listening and watching everyone else's works performed at the Global Express play and poetry readings.

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