Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The leaves are falling ... where did I lose that earring?

Oh, God, I was just wondering why I feel so crappy this morning, and it's suddenly hit me. I haven't had any coffee yet. No wonder.

I'm looking out my bedroom window at the people who are all rugged up in the park. The yellow, orange and red leaves make a beautiful sight, and because we've had a few stormy days, a lot of the leaves have fallen already. But there's a tree outside my window that has one leaf left on it, and it's hanging on for grim death. It's looking very fragile. I'm feeling worried for it. Hee, hee.

It's Monday morning here - my laundry day. I've just scrambled out of bed to throw my stuff in the washing machine so I can get out of here as soon as possible to meet Alice for coffee and writing at the Java House. And I've just received an email from Paula at the farmer's market to say she has a corn cob earring for me, and where can we meet. I bought a pair when I first arrived and lost one in between the Global Express readings and the barn dance, so this woman has made me a replacement and is going to put backs on them this time so my 'bounceability' doesn't lead to more losses in the future. These are the sorts of stresses I experience in Iowa City. Nice, huh?

I must go downstairs and give Pam the gift I bought her at the weekend as well. Everyone here is big on decorating their houses for seasons and celebrations. She has Fall decorations everywhere on the inside and outside of her house. Anyway, I saw a Christmas snowman the size of a toddler at the CVS store and I can picture it on her porch. I want to bring one home for myself but I've tested it in my suitcase and it only just fits length-wise. Am I nuts? You can tell me.

Alice thinks I will find a way to get it home without having to throw out all my clothes. I think she's right. I'll just wear all my clothes and arrive in Auckland looking like a blimp.

P.S. The amazing corn cob earring woman Paula Griffin gave me a new set of earrings for nothing. She said she felt bad about me losing one. How kind is that? She is the sort of person I encounter all the time here in Iowa City.

Thanks to Azeem for the beautiful photo.


  1. No Abel among the IWP participants. It's a shame!

  2. My humblest apologies. How could I have missed out the cutest IWP member? I have put him in the slideshow of IWP participants and in the Fabulous People slideshow.