Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twilight Saga Rocks

I just finished reading the four books in the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer. Talk about blown away! I was very sceptical about whether I would enjoy books about vampire romance, but Bella, Edward and Jacob were so full of passion and intensity that it was impossible to not get drawn into their love story.

It reminded me a lot of Wuthering Heights, so it didn't surprise me that it's one of Bella's favourite books, and that she even quotes from it. Breaking Dawn arrived on request at the library before I had read the other three, so I borrowed a bestseller copy of Twilight, and then was so desperate to read the next two that I trawled through four shops before finding a place that hadn't sold out.
These books may be about teenagers but they're not just for teenagers. Everyone will remember the hunger, the restraint, the isolation and fear connected with teenage love. The only problem might be that you don't want to put each book down and you never want the series to end. The good news - apparently her follow-on book called The Host is very different, but just as enthralling.


  1. Great review! I loved the books even though I am 42... and I couldn't stop till I got to the end of all four as well! The Host was fanatstic too. Different to Twilight, better in some ways. I had to keep reading that too, the action didn't really stop. I think Stephenie is so good at getting emotions across in her books, it was hard to remember that I was reading science fiction.

  2. Nothing wrong with being 42. You're younger than me! I just read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli (fabulous language, great inspiring characters) and I'm in the middle of The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I'm not really enjoying this but I'm struggling on.